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SJ&L is the top asphalt paving company in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee.
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SJ&L General Contractor, LLC is a family-owned and operated full construction company that primarily focuses on civil construction and asphalt sales in the Huntsville, Alabama and Fayetteville, Tennessee regions.
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Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving requires creating multiple layers. These include a surface layer, a layer of binder material, and the road base. It is made to have a degree of flexibility so that slight settlement of subsurface layers won’t cause cracking.

The surface layer must withstand traffic and environmental stresses while resisting excess cracking. The binder layer is designed to resist shear stresses below the surface, and the base must distribute the load so that the underlying layers of sub-soil are not subject to excess stresses.

Getting asphalt paving right requires skill and planning. That’s why experience is such an important factor when considering an asphalt contractor.


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About Us

SJ&L General Contractor, LLC is a family-owned and operated construction company primarily focusing on civil construction. We are licensed in both Alabama and Tennessee as General Contractors, but we mainly provide services in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee.

We serve many clients, from municipal entities and commercial developers to defense contractors and building contractors.

SJ&L services include:
  • Asphalt paving 
  • Mass grading 
  • Storm drainage 
  • Sewer, water, and concrete improvements 
  • Asphalt paving, erosion control 
  • Site-work 
  • Heavy hauling 

and all aspects of heavy equipment base construction, with hundreds of years of combined experience.
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Licensed and Local Civil Construction Experts Serving
The Southeast

SJ&L General Contractor, LLC provides quality work for roads and businesses in the Huntsville/Decatur/Madison area. Whether you’re looking for asphalt sales, sidewalk repairs, or tougher road work repaving, you can count on us to handle all your roadwork construction needs.

Our reliable team will ensure your roads maintain the best curb appeal and maintain the highest value. Give our civil construction contractors a call today for a free quote for any of the quality services we provide.

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“I have been in the trade for over 30 years and can honestly say this company is one of the best I have worked for. Great people all around that take pride in their work and their people. Top general contractors in North AL that’s for sure!”
— Chris W.
“SJ&L is a great company all around, they operate numerous amounts of equipment and when there are issues that arise with equipment, they got right to it. Their asphalt plant is top-notch. Would highly recommend them for asphalt paving.”
— Aaron T.

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